Clean Harbors has been partnering with the Healthcare Industry in some capacity for more than 35 years, and today is servicing more than 1,200 hospitals across the United States along with numerous practices and clinics.  Our current and potential customers have been asking us to expand our service offering to provide a comprehensive alternative, and we have responded.
Through leveraging our expansive disposal facility network as well as our service location infrastructure, we have the capabilities to fit the specific needs and regulations that your patient-focused industry must adhere to, in one of the most regulated environments for waste.
We developed reliable, efficient programs to manage not only sharps, but all regulated medical waste: from infectious, to pathological, to radioactive, and even pharmaceutical. Our encompassing offer can be tailored to any provider’s needs, for any practice size.
Clean Harbors takes a lot of pride in not only our breadth of services now offered, but also the fact that we will not require lengthy restrictive contracts and we will provide complete visibility to the costs incurred from specific services. We will openly review all billing, at every request, because we understand we need to earn your business every time we deliver service.
Whether you only need sharps containers, or you could benefit from full-time, on-site regulatory help, Clean Harbors can help you manage your waste so you can focus on the lives you help.