Schools and universities face many challenges when it comes to the management of regulated waste, and they can vary widely depending on whether they’re an elementary school, high school, trade school, college or university. But the one thing that all of them have in common is that they need a waste management partner that has flexible service schedules, can handle any waste in any volume, can provide turnkey service from packaging to disposal, and can help them minimize their total cost of management in the process—which includes avoiding large fines for non-compliance.

We also understand that the safety of your teachers and students is extremely important to you, and staying compliant with all local, state and federal regulations is paramount to maintain your schools reputation.

Clean Harbors has been managing regulated waste for schools and universities across North America for more than 35 years and has the experience and expertise that you need. No matter how large or small your education facility, and no matter the volume or frequency of your needs, we have a program that can be customized for you. If you’re looking for a single-source provider who will partner with you to dispose of all of your regulated waste in a cost-effective, safe and compliant manner, Clean Harbors is the perfect choice.

If you want simple, cost-conscious, compliant waste management programs, Clean Harbors is the partner you’ve been searching for. 

Our services for Schools and Universities: