The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are highly competitive, demanding great precision and process. Managing all of the varying waste streams from these processes efficiently, safely and in compliance is paramount to their success. While the day-to-day activities are similar from one plant to the next, the actual processes can vary widely and each plant is looking for an edge in increasing product yields, reducing raw material needs, reducing disposal costs, managing risk and improving safety.

Clean Harbors has been providing pharmaceutical and biotech companies with innovative, customized solutions for more than 35 years. We understand your challenges and can help you reduce segregation hassles, training requirements and compliance risk while providing you with the single-source waste management partner you’ve been looking for.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech companies searching for a single-source waste management partner to help them increase efficiency and safety while reducing risk, Clean Harbors has the expertise, experience and industry-leading programs to deliver just that and more.

Our services for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Biotech: