The management of pathological waste today is riddled with complex processes, administrative burdens and regulatory hurdles. Whether it’s soft tissue management or body fluid contaminated items, our unique method and capabilities in our Pathological Waste services eliminate all of the hassle and risk, so you get back to providing care faster, safer and in compliance.

Soft Tissue Management

As most of you are aware, decanting the formalin from tissues creates several pain points including the need for specialty treatment chemicals, air monitoring, formal respiratory protection programs, as well as a compliance program to meet OSHA’s management and communication requirements for formaldehyde.

Our unique disposal capabilities allow us to offer a process that eliminates all of these issues. Healthcare staff simply leave the containers unopened and place them into a shipment container for destruction. You avoid hours of lost staff time, the repetitive opening and closing of hundreds of containers, all of the regulatory hassle and compliance risk.

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