Choose the #1 leader in regulated waste management.
Clean Harbors is the world’s leading hazardous waste management expert, providing end-to-end transportation and disposal services to hundreds of companies across North America. Our new self-service mail-back disposal service for sharps and medical waste reflects the deep commitment to safety and regulatory compliance that are hallmarks of the Clean Harbors brand.

Mail-back disposal services that are safe, convenient and cost-effective.
Our self-service mail-back option includes everything your business needs to stay in compliance and fully meet USPS guidelines, including waste containers that range from 1.5 quart capacity to 5-gallon drums. We also provide hardware accessories that keep your sharps containers upright and stable throughout use, as well as a safe wall-mount system for puncture, leak and impact resistant containers in every size. And because you pay only for what you produce, your disposal costs are easy to calculate and predict.