Clean Harbors has been partnering with pharmacies all over North America providing world-class solutions for their waste management needs. While each pharmacy can be unique, here are four things that we have found to be true across the board:

  1. Space is limited. The need for several containers to segregate waste creates clutter and takes up valuable floor space.
  2. Staffing model is client focused. Staff cannot afford to spend hours in the back room segregating and packing waste.
  3. Regulatory and compliance training is a hassle. Trying to make sure everyone is trained to segregate the right way every time and to perform all procedures safely is a daunting task given limited staffing resources.
  4. Underlying fear around cost of non-compliance. No one wants to be responsible for activities where the consequence for a mistake may result in significant financial penalties that can jeopardize the entire business.

We have designed our programs to solve for these very challenges and the outcome is a customer-centric approach to managing pharmaceutical waste. Because we own several unique incinerators, we do not require the same segregation as other providers. This allows all of your waste to go into a single container. Our OneContainer™ Program eliminates frustrating hours of having employees stepping away from their jobs in order to segregate and document waste. Our program gives you that time back, reduces training needs, gets rid of those extra containers cluttering your facility and all but eliminates the immense risk of non-compliance.

Our program is easy, convenient, safe and compliant, and easily scalable across multiple facilities or stores.

Our services for Pharmacies: