Having a proper Sharps Management service in place can minimize your staff’s exposure and help reduce potentially life-threatening needle-stick injuries. Clean Harbors has the answer. We provide healthcare facilities with a safe and compliant Sharps Management Program for pickup and disposal of your used sharps, along with container replacement—all handled by our team of waste experts.

Sharps Management Program

Clean Harbors offers an on-site pickup, sharps disposal and replacement program. With this program, along with a wide range of container configurations, we are prepared to address your varying needs across your facilities and even office to office.

Upon each service, a Clean Harbors professional will do the following:

  1. Apply the necessary labels, if needed, to bring you to compliance
  2. Visually inspect your containers
  3. Scan, document and remove all your filled containers
  4. Replace filled containers with empty containers
  5. Issue you a certificate of disposal, ensuring you and your facility are safer and compliant!