Whether red bag, trace chemotherapy or sharps, the management of biohazardous waste can mean very different things to different providers and even different facilities. This can be frustrating as some service providers offer blanket solutions. At Clean Harbors, we understand that frustration and have developed specific solutions for your unique challenges.

Regulated Medical Waste

Clean Harbors has been managing hazardous waste for more than 35 years for healthcare providers across North America, and we understand that each facility’s biohazardous or regulated medical waste needs are unique.  

Our process is focused on building a partnership with each location where we share best practices, conduct reviews, propose cost savings opportunities and, as a result, tailor our services to meet their specific needs. We also offer enhanced waste volume visibility and simple customer-friendly contract language.

Trace Chemotherapy Waste

As you are probably aware, trace chemotherapy waste requires incineration at a licensed facility. Clean Harbors owns and operates incinerators at two facilities with more than 250,000 tons of capacity per year. This gives us a significant competitive advantage as we can offer the most competitive rates in the industry. We actually receive trace chemotherapy waste from other medical waste suppliers for incineration. For safe, compliant disposal of your trace chemotherapy waste at the best rates around, contact Clean Harbors today.

Sharps Management

Clean Harbors offers an on-site pickup, disposal and replacement program. With these programs, along with a wide range of container configurations, we are prepared to address your varying needs across your facilities and even office to office.  Learn More>>