Veterinarians dedicate their lives to caring for animals and their owners. Part of accomplishing that care includes the management of regulated waste. Whether sharps, pharmaceutical waste, animal carcasses or chemical waste, this can quickly become a frustrating distraction from what you love to do.

However, it’s not just the time it takes you to manage these programs that presents a challenge. These waste streams are highly regulated with significant compliance and safety risks, and pose potential financial liabilities for any missteps or mismanagement that could easily jeopardize your practice. Add in the high costs and restrictive contracts from existing waste management providers, and you can quickly feel overwhelmed and wondering what your options are. There is a better way.

Clean Harbors has been a leader in regulated waste management for more than 35 years and offers your veterinarian office the single-source waste management partner you need. Our comprehensive programs are simple, customer focused and cost effective—and can bring you the safe and compliant solutions that you require.

As your partner, Clean Harbors will provide veterinarians the convenient, safe and compliant waste management programs they need and deserve.

Our services for Veterinarians: