Operating any healthcare facility comes with all types of special cleanup projects, whether planned or unplanned. The variety of these needs as well as the frequency can make finding the right provider for the right job a challenge. Clean Harbors is a one-stop shop for this type of project work. Our legacy lies in this type of project-based business, and we’ve spent 35 years perfecting it. When it comes to Facility Cleanup Services, no one has the infrastructure, experience and expertise that Clean Harbors can bring to your business.

Decontamination and Maintenance Services

Clean Harbors offers expert Decontamination and Maintenance Services for a wide range of circumstances by removing, neutralizing or destroying any harmful substance. Regardless of the type of facility and no matter what size, we have the technical expertise, manpower and equipment for the job. Some of our most common work includes:

  • Most biohazards and pathogens
  • Heavy metals and chemicals
  • PCBs, oil and other petroleum products
  • RCRA closure of hazardous waste storage areas

For worry-free decontamination and maintenance service jobs, contact the experts at Clean Harbors. With more than 35 years of experience, we understand exactly what you need and will deliver to your business the world-class service it deserves.

Boiler Cleaning

Clean Harbors provides a variety of cleaning services to optimize the efficiency of any size boiler and significantly reduce downtime. We offer a professional cleaning process to keep your boilers running, while maximizing heat transfer. This includes:

  • High volume vacuums to thoroughly remove ash
  • High pressure water blasting to descale the boiler walls
  • Hand-brushing and vacuuming for smaller boilers

As a full-service company with locations throughout North America, Clean Harbors also provides:

  • Guaranteed service within 24 hours
  • Disposal of waste generated during boiler cleaning

Don’t gamble with your boilers, contact the experts at Clean Harbors.